Investing in Emerging Markets through top-tier entrepreneurs across LatAm, SEA and Africa.

The relentless advance of technology and innovation has redrawn the contours of our world, revolutionizing our everyday experiences and work landscape. While the future may be uncertain, it presents an open canvas for creation. Indeed, it is the venture capitalist’s playground—a place for those bold enough to dream, risk, and shape tomorrow’s potential today.

Why are we doing this

30N Ventures was created to invest in top-tier founders in Emerging Markets to support them in scale and exit.

30N founders’ vision is to create a VC fund that truly and fully supported the founders they partnered with, and to have the exit strategy set from time zero, leveraging the deep and vast network of fund managers, corporates, FO, HNIs, institutional investors, secondaries, that 30N founders, advisors and the panel of experts have.

Emerging Markets are going through a very positive technology penetration trend. They have exciting demographics, mainstream investors, successful cases (+5K soonicorns), cross-border synergies and M&As, and a historic VC funding activity. These fastest-growing economies are still “buyers’ markets.” Time-wise, valuations have adjusted, so the time is now.

30N founders firmly believe that the EMs have plenty of talented founders that, if well supported, will succeed. The plan is to grow together.


Anchor investor leverage, deep & wide global network of UHNIs, top founders, FMs and corporates. Creating a path to exit from T0 through our connections and 30N’s unique startup-approach M&A area.

Startup M&A

Relevant industry players; acquisition to enter and/or consolidate a region through inorganic growth, along with cross-border M&A opportunities through the EMs.


Through our unique approach and network, we identify trends and pains along C-levels and founders of industry leaders in our verticals of interest.

Global Partnerships